Ben Bradley

During a trip to Germany, Ben had his first taste of wine at the ripe age of 16. At the time, he didn’t know what to think of the nectar provided in that iconic red wine glass and definitely had no clue what varietals or tannins were.

In 2009, having gained a greater knowledge and appreciation of wine, Ben partnered with his brother and Phillip Coates to found 21 Cellars, a highly-regarded, boutique winery located in the North End neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington.

Through this experience, Ben became well-acquainted with a variety of winemakers and grape growers, realizing a passion and enjoyment in sharing their stories and wines with family and friends. Seeing how the wine drinking experience was improved by learning the details behind the wine, Ben was inspired to shift course. Thus, together with Lisa DeYoung, Ben created Brassmark Wines as a way to provide those who enjoy wine or want to gain more knowledge about it, with an easy and accessible way to do so.