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2010 Ghost of 413

Giant Wine Co.

Posted on June 13th, 2013

What do you get when two Washington winemakers, known for making some seriously full-bodied red wine, combine efforts? Giant wines, of course! Giant Wine Co. is a joint venture between Chris Gorman, known for such bold reds as "The Bully" and "The Evil Twin", and Mark McNielly of Mark Ryan Winery and countless consulting projects throughout the state of Washington. We will forgive the poor grammar of their tagline "If Bigger is Better then...Giant is Betterer!" in acceptance of their emphasis on the fun, light-hearted nature of this project. For two winemakers who focus so much time and effort on producing some of the best and most exclusive premium wine in the state, they deserve to have a little fun with their more whimsical, sub-$20 label. And at that price, we will be sure to enjoy our fair share!

Until recently, Giant Wines' juice was not widely available, sold primarily to those in the know with means of getting their hands on a bottle or two. As Gorman and McNielly have continued to increase production, so too has the wine increased its presence; but even so, the wine routinely sells out within a month or two of release, so don't hesitate!

This is a fun way to enjoy the ultra-bold reds of Washington State without the characteristically high price tag. It also serves the purpose of curbing the temptation to open any of the more expensive 2010's from Washington that are better served with a little more cellar time.

2010 Giant Wine Co. Ghost of 413 - $16.99 (Warehouse pick-up: $14.99)

From Gorman and McNielly: "It's got plenty of stuffing to scare wines at twice the price."

Mostly Syrah (98%) with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon (2%), the Ghost of 413 is massive. Dark berries and earth with a hint of spice come through on the nose, followed by a teeth-staining palate of rich, chewy berries and a spicy finish. Dark and brooding, this wine begs to be left alone for a while once opened, so be sure to give it a chance to wake up before you dive in.

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