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Dom Beritol

Posted on June 20th, 2013

There are certain wines worth having on hand consistently. On top of your collectibles and special occasion only wines, there are a few categories that are just as important to maintain. These come in the form of inexpensive Tuesday drinkers, back porch sunny day sippers and, our favorite but often forgotten, sparkling wine! The sparkler category is one we tend to have the most trouble maintaining because there are so many occasions that lend themselves to popping a bottle. It's your anniversary - pop the bubbly! You just got a raise - pop the bubbly! You just watched something on the Food Network about French 75s and now you want one really, really badly - not going to get too far without some bubbly!

That said, we are always on the lookout for fairly priced, go-to bubbles that can be opened for any occasion - whether a celebration or to mix with the increasingly popular craft cocktail that is more frequently involving the use of sparkling wine. Today's offer is one such gem - a clean, crisp Prosecco that stands alone, works well with an array of food and is not too expensive to mix in a cocktail.

Dom Beritol Prosecco - $14.99 (Warehouse pick-up: $12.99)

Made with 100% Glera (aka Prosecco) grapes hand-harvested from hillside vineyards in Conegliano in the Prosecco DOC, the Dom Beritol is crisp and refreshing with delicate bubbles. Citrus and tropical fruit on the nose lead to a crisp palate with just a hint of sweetness. Easy-drinking on its own and wonderfully versatile for a variety of brunch or appetizer dishes, not to mention a great choice for sparkling wine cocktails.

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